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Out-Of-Office P4 CPU Thermal Solution
-- COMMELL CPC-1400C CPU Cooler :
Low Profile Intel Pentium 4 CPU Cooler
with Vibration- / Shock-Proof Design
Long-life Ceramic Shaft Alloy Sleeve
For Compact / Slim-type, Car-PC and 
Portable / Embedded PC / IPC Platform

Friday, February 27, 2004 (TAIPEI) - COMMELL Systems Corporation announces the low profile Pentium 4 CPU cooler, the CPC-1400C, features the low profile, rugged configuration, long life cycle, low noise, advanced power dissipated and easy-to-use on Intel standard Pentium 4 CPU cooler holes. With these features, the CPC-1400C can be used on the compact / slim-type PC platform, LCD PC and panel PC, car-PC, industrial portable workstation and embedded IPC (Industrial PC) platforms and systems. The following photos show the CPC-1400C use on the industrial PICMG PCI-ISA platform and mini-ITX platform.


CPC-1400C on PICMG and Mini-ITX EmbATX Platform

CPC-1400C on PICMG Platform

CPC-1400C on Mini-ITX Platform

Low Profile for Compact / Slim-type and Space-saving Systems

The CPC-1400C features the advantage of ultra low profile for Intel Pentium 4 based platform with only 20mm of height including heat sink and fan above the motherboard. That is, the CPC-1400C can fit into the low profile systems below 1U (1.75 inches) with at least 5 mm of space above the cooler for the air flow. Not only installable, but also workable, the space for air flow over the cooler should be the key point of any low profile CPU cooler. With this feature, the CPC-1400C will be the ideal thermal solution for the slim type, compact and embedded PC systems. 

Rugged Vibration- / Shock-proof Configuration Meets Out-of-office Application

For the out-of-office application, such as the car-PC and portable industrial workstation, the ability of shock-proof and vibration-proof run the important rule for the system integrators. In order to improve the safety of the systems in the out-of-office application, a strong-lock CPU cooler should be under consideration, specially when the heat sink is made by heavy copper material. To offer the rugged thermal solution for the field environment, the CPC-1400C includes two modules: the cooler and backplate, and fix with four spring screws. With this structure, the CPC-1400C can meet both of Intel FC-PGA2 and Micro-FCPGA CPU packages, and the vibration-/shock-proof out-of-office applications. The following photo shows the CPC-1400C separates to two modules, the cooler and backplate.


CPC-1400C Separated Parts

|    (Left) Backplate    |    (Right) Cooler    |

Long Life Cycle, Low Noise Alloy Sleeve with Ceramic Shaft

For the Always-Running systems, the commercial cooling fan with sleeve bearing system should not be a good idea because its limited life cycle. As well- known, the PC systems will dead as soon as the CPU cooler dead. To meet the demand of reliability and long product life cycle, the CPC-1400C uses the advanced ceramic shaft as the alloy sleeve, with 300,000 hours of MTBF. Even if compared with dual ball bearing fan systems, the CPC-1400C also offers both of the longer life cycle and lower operating noise.

Advanced Power Dissipation Performance

With the complete copper heat sink and 5,200 RPM of alloy sleeve with ceramic shaft cooling fan, the CPC-1400C offers 0.3oC per watt of thermal resistance and typical 60 watt of power dissipation. The advanced power dissipation performance of CPC-1400C makes it possible to use not only the mobile Intel Pentium 4 / Celeron processors, but also some of the desktop Intel Pentium 4 and Celeron CPU in the compact embedded systems.

Compatible with Standard Intel Pentium 4 CPU Cooler Holes on Motherboards

The CPC-1400C is compatible with all of the ATX, MicroATX, FlexATX, ITX, Mini-ITX motherboard and industrial PICMG, EBX, CompactPCI single board computer and customized ODM/OEM boards with the standard cooler holes for Intel Pentium 4 platform. That is, the CPC-1400C is easy-to-use on all of the boards compatible with Intel standard Pentium 4 CPU cooler.


Features and Specifications of CPC-1400C 
  • Ultra Low Profile 1U CPU Cooler for Compact / Embedded PC/IPC Systems.

  • Meets Intel Pentium 4 / Celeron, Mobile Pentium 4 - M, Mobile Intel Pentium 4, Mobile Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium M and Intel Celeron M CPU at FC-PGA2 or Micro-FCPGA Package.

  • Total 20 mm of Height above the Board with Cooling Fan.

  • Long Life Alloy Sleeve with Ceramic Shaft Cooling Fan, MTBF > 300,000 Hrs.

  • Rugged Vibration-proof and Shock-proof Configuration with Backplate and Spring Screw for Out-Of-Office Application.

For further information about COMMELL CPC-1400C series, please visit the website at


Available Information of CPC-1400C 

The CPC-1400C is under mass production and on stock now. For further OEM and ODM service based on the existent CPC-1400C, COMMELL is ready on the normal cooler, heat sink and professional heat pipe solution based on the customized mechanical design. The ODM service will help the customers built up the niche, advanced and special systems with the unique, professional, and Just-For-It solution.

For further information about price, questions, inquiry and ODM/OEM service, please contact with COMMELL sales team by the following ways. 

(TEL) +886-2-82272189
(FAX) +886-2-82272193


COMMELL SYSTEMS Corporation is major in the industrial PC-based computing platform and solution. With the professional R&D and QA teams, COMMELL designs, manufactures and markets the board-level, system-level and integration industrial embedded computer products and service for the world-wide IPC/SBC, distributors and system integrators who seek to automate or upgrade their solution easily and cost effectively. COMMELL also provides the customized ODM and OEM service for the wide range of industrial embedded computing platform and solution providers.

For further information about COMMELL is available at http://www.commell-sys.com

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TEL: +886-2-82272189
FAX: +886-2-82272193
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